The Lost Paul Wittgenstein Recordings

Found at the end of an estate sale, a few boxes of old tapes and records, from the estate of Hilde Wittgenstein. At the time, nobody knew the significance of the recordings. Since most of the tapes and records were over 50 years, it was thought  that it might be impossible to restore them. Gene Bohensky at Rosemont Media transfer was contacted to determine the condition and to transfer any viable material to CDs. In the process it was discovered that these were Paul and Hilde Wittgenstein’s entire collection of personal recordings – practice tapes, studio sessions, master tapes and home recordings. Amazingly, almost all were transferable. A small team was created to identify and catalog the large volume of material, master the recordings and combine them with original, first edition scores and duplicate the corrected scores. This web site was created to showcase the fruit of over two year’s work. They will be made available to you as eBay auctions by musicjmw in the near future.

Most of these recordings have never been heard before.

1) Benjamin Britten Diversions,Diversions on a Theme, Op.21 by Benjamin Britten, Ormandy Conducting, Phila Orch 1942 Written 1940, Revised 1954 ** + copy of Original 1st Edition Score with Britten corrections, recordings from a 6 record set of master 78s

2) Ravel Concerto for the Left Hand, from a 5 record set of master 78s

3) Ravel Concerto for the Left Hand, from the Eric Simon / Boston Records release

4) Parergon Zur Sinfonia Domestica Op. 73 by Richard Strauss 1925 Simon, conducting Boston Orch –  unavailable since 1959 + copy of Original 1st Edition Score with Wittgenstein corrections and an Original 1 1928 Edition Score of Panathenaenzug 1928 2 hand., from a personal Master Tape in stereo

5) Transcriptions, from the reel to reel with Bach’s Chaconne

6) 10 master 78 records of individual piano pieces from the 1940s, all played by Paul Wittgenstein, with some special arrangements by Wittgenstein and some by Godowsky.

7) Paul Wittgenstein’s Interview – 35 min of the radio interview plus the Pathe news report

8) Paul Wittgenstein’s Family history spoken in German
9) 4 CD set of Hilde Wittgenstein’s Home Recordings – One CD of edited and completed pieces (with titles) and three CDs of unedited material

10) 3 CDs of Hand Marked sheet music in PDF:
a. Strauss Parergon marked by Paul Wittgenstein
b. Britten Diversions marks attributed to Benjamin Britten
c. Original 1st Edition (thought to be un circulated) Ravel’s Concerto for the Left Hand Notations Attributed to the Conductor of the Premier Performance

11) 1 CD with scans of Wittgenstein’s promotional material

12) DVD-Data Disc of Paul’s unedited recording sessions in 1956 from Carnegie Hall

13). Package of Original 1st Edition Scores all Left Hand Piano:
a.  (3) Franz Schmidt: Konzert fur Klavier, Concertante Variationen uber ein Thema von Beethoven and Quintett fur Klavier, zwei Bratsche u.Violoncell – Partitur
b.  Benjamin Britten CD PDF of marked Diversions on a Theme 1st Edition marks attributed to Britten
c.  E.W. Korngold  – Suite fur 2 Violinen, Violoncell und Klavier Opus 23 Partitur Pub by Edition Schott No. 3498  1930
d.  Shostakovich Symphony No. 1 CD PDF Opus 10 transcribed for Piano Duet by E. Slavinsky Pub by International Music, NY marked “P.W. NY 44” with numerous changes marked by Wittgenstein.
e.  Maurice Ravel Concerto for the Left Hand -Distributed 1st Edition
f. (2) Richard Strauss Parergon Zur Sinfonia Domestica Opus 7 3 Klavierausqug von Otto Singer Original 1st Ed.and Panathenaenzug – Symphonische Etuden in Form Einer Passacaglia fur Klavier (Left hand) und Orchestra 1st Edition

14) Shostakovich Symphony No. 1 CD PDF Opus 10 transcribed  for Piano Duet by E. Slavinsky Pub by International Music, NY marked “P.W. NY 44” with numerous changes marked by Wittgenstein.
NOTE: Actual auction listings may vary according to availability of original documents.